She Saw The World Brighten and Catch Fire


Point Green Studio

260 Java Street, Brooklyn NY 11222

9.08.17 - 10.08.17

Opening September 8th / 6 - 10PM

Point Green is pleased to present SHE SAW THE WORLD BURN AND CATCH FIRE, curated by Angel Bellaran, featuring work by Cullen Meyer, Danica Pantic, Dennis Thomas, Domino Whisker, Emma Berg, Jen Xenia and Mia Vesper.

The exhibition, inspired by Ray Bradbury's short story, Embroidery, is a contemporary reflection on the timeless narrative of the self-destructive nature of the human race. Published in 1951, in the aftermath of World War II, Embroidery was Bradbury's not-so-subtle nod to the consequences of mankind's technological advancements to date. Opening with "needle flashes" aka a visceral allegory to women's creation vs. men's destruction, this specific text of Bradbury's - a writer who is more known for fantasy, science fiction and horror - is considered by many scholars to be radically feminist, and calls to question gender roles in both technology and craft.

Embroidery is one of mankind's oldest arts - in fact, the oldest surviving pieces of embroidery on Earth come from the fashion pulled from the tombs of Egypt. The artists selected for this exhibition are working either with traditional methods or with traditional materials. Bellaran has requested that artists respond to this particular text because she finds the topics of nuclear war, political agenda, and gender abundant in the discourse surrounding contemporary art making. Somehow, 66 years later, Bradbury’s voice continues to resonate and, somehow, our collective societal conscience has discounted the horror of nuclear warfare as it is brandished by would-be demagogues. Calling into question society's construct of gender specific media in art-making, the following artists are responding in their own language to our current worldwide situation. Opening on the eve of New York Fashion Week 2017, the intention is that the exhibition will be composed of artwork and custom fashion designs to inspire a wider audience, and hopefully a broader conversation amongst our creative peers, and beyond.

Cullen Meyer was born in Milwaukee,WI and currently lives in Brooklyn, NY. The last three books he read are: The Beginners Guide to Constructing the Universe, Samadhi and Concentration. More of Cullen's work may be seen/found through his instagram @cullenmeyer

Danica Pantic was born in Belgrade, Serbia and is now a long-time New Yorker. You can find Danica's film design and art directing work at, and her personal work @panticsantics on instagram. She loves to read anything by Kurt Vonnegut.

Dennis Thomas is a Brooklyn-based artist. More of his work may be found on his instagram nothingmatters_ny

Domino Whisker is an Irish artist by way of LA. She spent her childhood years in the Golden State, raising rabbits, watching sunsets and reading books in the back of her father's ’67 Chevy Impala. A home girl at heart she returned from whence she came and has settled back in Dublin. The Shapes of her past can be found in her work, along with her whims and woes. Domino is an artist, writer and DJ. She is inspired by the works of many writers and poets - including Haruki Murakami, WB Yeats, Dorothy Parker, Shane McGowan and Miranda July. More of her work can be found on her instagram @dominowhisker and her website

Emma Berg was born in Stacy, Minnesota and currently lives in New York. Three favorite books are: Brave New Work, Metamorphosis, and Grapefruit by Yoko Ono. Follow Emma’s work via IG (emma___berg) or view it at

Jen Xenia was born, raised, and educated in Baltimore, Maryland. She graduated from MICA in 2010 and in 2011 was honored as the Nef Studio Fellow of the Year at the MacDowell Colony. Jen currently lives and works in Brooklyn, where she co-curates art and performances at the experimental arts space The Glove. Her primary work is now with plants, follow her adventures on IG as @jentlethumb or @gurlfawkes

Mia Vesper was born in Milwaukee Wisconsin and currently resides in Brooklyn, NY. Three favorite books are The God of Small Things, Running With Scissors and We Were all Completely Beside Ourselves. You can view and purchase her work at or on Instagram @mia.vesper

Angel Bellaran was born in Point Pleasant, New Jersey, educated in on the East Coast of the United States and in Dublin, Ireland Currently residing in Brooklyn, New York, on her nightstand at the moment you will find the books Darling Days, The Quiet American and A Field Guide to Getting Lost. More information may be found on her website,