Tümbiverse: A Group Show


Point Green Studio

260 Java Street, Brooklyn NY 11222

7.27.17 - 8.5.17


Opening July 27th / 7 - 11PM

Performances / 9PM


Confetti Armor’s Blanket Fort as Ritual Practice / August 5th, 3 - 6PM

Tümbiverse Closing Party / 7PM

Point Green Studio presents Tümbiverse, a new group exhibition that explores the many ways that artists create otherworldly spaces for new expression. Michael Bianchino is a painter and sculptor who builds technicolor portals that allow for total immersion and self exploration. Known as Tümbox, these tumor boomboxes are Bianchino’s “post human, neurological response to an array of intergalactic feelings including devotion, love, galactic cannibalism, and chaos magic.” For Tümbiverse, Bianchino and co-curator Jasmine Williams invited twenty NYC creatives to show work alongside the latest edition of Tümbox. Featured artists use installation, sculpture, photography, painting, performance, sculpture, textiles, and video art to exhibit their own vivid sanctuaries. On July 27th at 260 Java Street these alternate realms will unite into a new cosmology that will provide space for unbounded visual and physical expression. Enter Tümbiverse for a night of immersive art, music, drag, voguing, film, living dolls, and more!

Tümbiverse will be on view from July 27 through August 5th. On the final day of the exhibition, pop band Confetti Armor will host the Blanket Fort as Ritual workshop. Gallery visitors will explore the making of their own colorful safe space through guided physical verbal practices, informal dance and play. The day will culminate in the creation of a blanket fort that will act as the centerpiece for the Tümbiverse closing party.

Artists and performers include Anchovy Ice Cream, Abi Laurel, Confetti Armor, DJ Michael Trotter, G.IV.E, Graham Yarrington, Jamel Prodigy, Jasmine Williams, Kat Danziger, Mellifera Rosa, Michael Bianchino, Morgan Shay, Moth Dust, Sarah Jane Washington, Sophie Lenox, Spencer Hanvik, Suburbia, Tiny Tiger, Toshi Salvino, The Living Doll, and Yung Crowley.